DVD Region Killer

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Utility that works to overcome regional DVD zone protection.

Imagine you buy a DVD off a website, and when you finally get it, you realize it's the wrong Region! What are you going to do? You could go to all the trouble of sending it back. Or, you could download this DVD Region Killer. As the name indicates, it is a utility that works to overcome regional DVD zone protection.

DVD Region Killer is an application that's very small, very simple and easy to to use no time at all you will be able to play and watch DVD videos from any Region in the world, quickly and easily on your PC. And all this without the trouble and time it takes to convert the Region, try and get rid of the protection placed on it or even try and switch the Region setting in your Windows operating system.

DVD Region Killer sits in your system tray without getting in your way until you need it. it can work with any DVD, VCD or SVCD. It also has no interface, just a menu where you can choose from the available options, one of which will check the Region of the DVD in question before you proceed, in order to verify it.

So, whatever the zone of your DVD player or DVD movie, you can watch it using this DVD Region Killer program. And the best feature of all is that you can download it completely for free. What are you waiting for?

NOTE: Before installing DVD Region Killer you must first install CloneCD or your PC could suffer from damage.


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